Things to Know/FAQs

1. What is Body Oil? 
Body Oil/Fragrance oil is made through chemical analysis to replicate your favorite fragrances. Fragrance body oil is synthetic (man-made) and does not contain alcohol (please note: perfume spray does include perfume alcohol solution that makes the oil suitable to spray in a bottle). 

Body oil is hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty free. 

Body oil is safe for use in crafts and other natural products, however remember the consistency is oil, and can stain fabric, etc. 

If you are interested in 100% natural products we also recommend our essential oils. These are 100% pure oils, harvested from plants or flowers. These are used for aromatherapy, and best used diluted by a carrier oil or in a diffuser with water.

2. Roller Ball Bottles
We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products. However, sometimes roller balls can become loose or are faulty. Unfortunately we cannot control when this happens and we suggest storing your bottle(s) upright, and on a hard surface. Keep the lid on when not in use. If oil leaks on your clothing we suggest using a spot treatment spray, preferably a degreaser, to treat the spot before washing. 

3. Communications
In very few instances the oil you have ordered may be out of stock or may not meet our quality standards, in that case, someone from our team will reach out to you via the number you provide via text to ask you to select a new fragrance. This is the quickest way to communicate to ensure your order is still sent in a timely manner. 

Shipping is a flat rate of $9.00. We kindly ask that if you require your order to be shipped that you select the shipping option and pay the $9.00 fee. 

4. Refunds
Due to the personal nature of these natural products, we do not accept refunds, returns, or exchanges. If you have problems with your order please read our full policy on our shipping and refund page. The great thing about body oils, is that if you don't like it, they make great gifts. So share them with your kids, friends, coworkers, and family! 

5. Hours and Location
We have two locations to serve you - Our original location is Cooks Flea Market, located at 4250 Patterson Ave, Winston-Salem, NC. Cooks Flea Market is open Saturday and Sunday from 9-5pm. Our second location is our store front, located in Old Town Shopping Center Mall, 3800 Reynolda Road, Suite 240, open Wednesday through Friday from 12-6pm.